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Going out of town or remodeling? Whatever the reason may be, we have the space available to keep your pet. We offer a fully heated/air conditioned kennel for dogs and a seperate area in the main office for cats.  Vaccinations are required.


Our feline friends are housed in the lower area of the main office. They are taken care of numerously throughout the day. Litter, bedding, dishes, food and water are provided.


Our canine companions are housed in the kennel right outside the main office. They are fed two times a day and let out three times a day to play and potty. We have fenced in yards to allow them freedom to romp and run without the restraints of a leash. Bowls, toys, bedding, food and water are provided.


Call the office to book boarding dates and to get current pricing.


Please note: Holiday boarding should be placed at least 2 weeks in advance to guarantee availability.